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Stoptober 2018 Campaign: Quit Smoking With The Right Support

Once again, the 28-day Stoptober stop smoking Campaign is back for another year! Since its launch in 2012, the stop smoking campaign has been gaining popularity. The government-backed campaign not just tells people the benefits of giving up smoking but also supports them in quitting the deadly habit.

Stoptober 2018_ Quit Smoking With The Right Support

Quitting smoking can be hard, but it is possible. When annual Stoptober started in 2017, NHS introduced vaping as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The move backed by the government proved that many recent studies whose results were calling e-cigarettes a healthy replacement of traditional cigarettes were right.

Vaping will make you lose your old cigarettes, but it is healthy for you.

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10 Best E-juice And E-liquid Flavour Concentrate Brands

There are many reputed e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands that produce a range of best flavour concentrates in the UK to add more fun to vaping. To create a juice that you would love to inhale, you require the right e-juice flavour concentrates and a perfect e-liquid recipe in the UK.

Best E-juice And E-liquid Flavour Concentrate Brands

To save your time looking for the best vape juice concentrate brands in the UK and spend more time creating your e-liquid, we have made a list of 10 e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK.

  • Capella Flavour Concentrates
  • Jungle Flavors Concentrates
  • Aromea Concentrates
  • FlavourArt Concentrates UK
  • Flavor West
  • Real Flavors
  • Botanic Elixir
  • The Flavor Apprentice
  • Inawera Flavor Concentrate
  • Flavorah

If you want all of these concentrates at cost-effective prices, then come to the best vape shop near you.

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2018 Christmas Vape Guide

Festival Season is Coming! Halloween and Christmas are on the way and everyone is getting excited to purchase unique gifts for their loved one. Passionate Vaper also has reason to get excited about this festive season that is the shopping of vape products from the best vape shop in the UK.


Vape Devices are the most unique gift idea for this Christmas. You can encourage your loved one to quit traditional smoking and start using the vape product. If you are confused to choose best and inexpensive vape shop for purchasing vape products, then come to Vapour Depot. This online store has all types of vape juices, devices, concentrates, and other vape accessories. It's time to grab the best vape deal. Order now to get free delivery across the UK.

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Top 5 One shot flavour Concentrates

One shot flavour concentrates are pre-mixed flavour based on popular eliquid flavours, but need to add PG/VG and Nicotine (optional) to create unique ejuice that you want. Every ejuice contains a certain amount of PG/VG ratio and nicotine level. Many of us like them, but some vapers decided they want to add PG/VG and nicotine ratio and see what becomes of the flavour.

Top 5 one shot concentrates to try in 2018 Here are top 5 one shot concentrate flavours:

  1. Formulated Vape Co Concentrates
  2. Goldfish Sauce Concentrates
  3. MasterVapor Concentrates
  4. Vampire Vape Concentrates
  5. VJuice UK Concentrates

So these all are one shot flavour concentrates available in the market. You will surely like these flavours.

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Best Variable Vape Mods With inbuilt Battery

If vape juice is a heart in the vaping then Batteries are the brain. Batteries are the engines that drive your vape gear. To enhance your vaping experience, you need a battery that is both long lasting and powerful. At present, many vape mods come with an in-built battery, you can control their temperature as per your need. The vape mods that come with inbuilt battery and temp control functions are called variable vape mods.

VooPoo Drag Box Mod Black Frame

The main function of the variable mod is that you can adjust the temperature. Some other functions of variable vape mods are - a small LCD screen to display voltage, wattage level, battery charge level, and even the puffs you have taken.Below are the top 5 variable vape mods:

  • Aspire Speeder Mod
  • Innokin TC150 Coolfire Ultra Mod
  • Ohm Boy OC Rage Squonker
  • Aspire Zelos 50w Mod
  • Vaporesso Revenger X Mod
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Is Sub Ohm Vaping Safe?

Sub ohm vaping, also known as sub ohming, is all about big vape clouds. Sub ohm vaping is for experienced vapers who want to become cloud chasers. Interested newbies can begin with a starter kit. Unlike other forms of vaping, resistance goes below 1 ohm in case of sub ohm vaping.

Is Sub Ohm Vaping Safe_

If you still have a substandard vaping device, there are high chances you are inhaling various unwanted particles. To solve this issue, you must get a better sub ohm tank atomizer. The safest way to enjoy sub-ohm vaping is by choosing regulated box mod over a mechanical mode.

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Mystery Vapour Box - Supreme Surprise Gift Box

If you love surprises then you'll absolutely love our Mystery Boxes. Our vapour box filled with all kinds of goodies that you absolutely want in your vape list.


Check out our mystery box here and give a little present to yourself:

£25 box Contain:

  • at least one RTA/RDA/Sub-Ohm Tank.

  • One bottle of Vapour Depot Anthology or A* eliquid.

  • One Bottle of premium eliquid.

£50 box Contain:

  • at least one RTA/RDA/Sub-Ohm Tank.

  • Two bottles of Vapour Depot Anthology or A* eliquid.

  • Two bottles of premium eliquid.

£75 box Contain:

  • at least two pieces of hardware (RTA/RDA/Sub-Ohm Tank/Mod).

  • Two bottles of Vapour Depot Anthology or A* eliquid.

  • Two bottles of premium eliquid.

£100 box Contain:

  • at least a Mod (and cells if required), RTA/RDA/Sub-Ohm Tank.

  • Two bottles of Vapour Depot Anthology or A* eliquid.

  • Two bottles of premium eliquid.

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Vape Box Mod Vs Vape Pen

In the world of vaping the massive collection of vape devices like vape box mods, vape pen, RDA, RTA, etc. available in the market. Vape pens and mods provide two totally different vaping experiences. It is very hard for vapers to choose which one is better because there are so many different types of pens and mods.

Here is the difference between vape mods and vape pen:

  1. The Vape mods look good!
  2. Some vape box mods allow you to adjust the speed at which the coil heats up.
  3. Vape box mods also have a longer battery life.
  4. Vape mods are more durable than vape pens.
  5. Vape Box mods are made from higher-quality materials than vape pens.

If you want that you can take everywhere with you or you are new in vaping, then choose vape pen and if you are experienced in vaping and wants more power, clouds then vape mods is best for you.

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Top 5 Cost-Effective Vape Mods of 2018

A vape mod is simply an advanced version of vape pen. It is more powerful and much bigger vape pen with more functionality than a vape pen. At present time vape mods become the most amazing way to produce vapor in the vaping world. Vape mod has more power, better performance, and long battery life than normal vape pens.

Dovpo Basium Squonk Mod

At present thousands of vape, mods are available in the market like variable mods, unregulated mods, and Temp Control Mods. If you are in search of inexpensive vape mod with the latest features? If yes, explore the below mentioned 5 cheap vape mods of 2018.

  1. Vaporesso Veco Solo Kit
  2. Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod
  3. SMOK Rolo Badge Kit
  4. Innokin EQ Pod System
  5. Aspire Breeze 2 Kit
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