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Ricardo Cordova

by ricardocordova - Mar 06, 2018 - Ricardo Cordova

Once Ricardo Cordova organized an event and he saw few kids doing amazing work with the wood and even using the tools perfectly and safely. Ricardo says, ‘sharpening the tools is a fundamental and foundational skill for any student that becomes the part of Ricardo’s class.’

Ricardo Cordova explains that if the students learn how to artisans worked with lumber before machines, then they would find woodworking easy and efficient and interesting to do.

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Ricardo Cordova

by ricardocordova - Feb 07, 2018 - Ricardo Cordova

Ricardo Cordova thinks that every student should have basic knowledge of woodworking. He was very much disappointed when he found that local schools have stopped woodwork classes and even woodworking course.

This basic goal to organize this workshop is to change the myth that students and another person only need to purchase a costly machine to build anything. He wants children to get attracted to it.

Ricardo Cordova personally is of jolly nature, you would be interested to listen to him and has a witty sense of humor. He makes the environment too jolly around him and people love to talk with him.

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