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Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai

Selenium Course in Chennai


Selenium is the most popular automated testing tool available today. It is open-source, easy to use and composed of 4 components -  Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control(RC), Selenium Integrated Development Environment(IDE) and Selenium Grid. selenium testing training is highly valued in the testing circuit. But choosing a good institution can get confusing. SLA Jobs is one institute that has made a mark for themselves in the past 22 years that they have been in this business. The Selenium training in Chennai at SLA is replete with ample inclusion of hands-on practice sessions, industry-relevant case studies and projects that can lend significant weight to your resume. They can boast of an excellent team of trainers with years of experience under their belt. The training does not end with the completion of the syllabus but goes on to include placement training as well. Sign up for a free demo class at their institution at KK Nagar today!

Softlogic A

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Best Informatica Training Institute in Chennai SLA

Informatica Training in Chennai

Informatica provides software products for data masking, replication, virtualization, management, and much more.  It has a list of impressive clientele including the U.S Air Force, Allianz, Samsung, etc. It is popular for its flexibility and the fact that it offers cloud-based services on any platform requiring minimal setup. If you are looking for an Informatica training, SLA is your best bet. With over 2 decades of experience in software training, they have made quite a name for themselves in this Chennai.


SLA has a team of competent and dedicated trainers. The course syllabus is meticulously designed keeping in mind the industry demands and is regularly revised to incorporate the latest updates and trends. The teaching method is very scientific and involves a good deal of hands-on practice. It also includes industry-relevant case studies and projects to facilitate the better understanding of the subject. SLA also offers placement training to help

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What is Data Science and Which is best Place to Learn?

Data science is truly a technology to look up to for heralding a technological revolution at an age when organizations are struggling to keep up with the data pouring in from all quarters. It is the technology employed in nearly all major industries to explore data to reveal trends and patterns and glean useful information from it. 

Data science is a multidisciplinary subject consisting of data inference, algorithm, ad business intelligence. A good data scientist combines all these skills to creatively use data to generate useful business value. A data science training involves an astute observation of data to reveal correlations that can be expressed mathematically and solutions to many business problems lie in building analytic models using mathematical expertise. 

Data science deals with storing, sorting and minutely examining large volumes of data to reveal hidden information. This information can be used to predict trends, exploit potential business opportunities or prevent fina

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Whatís New About Version 3.7 of Python

It is no secret that Python enjoys the support of a large and active community that is committed to the idea of better the language. The latest update of Python was rolled out on June 27th, 2018. Breaking a spell of dormancy, Version 3.7 is the first new release in 18 months and it comes with a host of new features.

Among its other features are:

  1. A new C API for thread-local storage, replacing previous implementations to enable compatibility with TLS.
  2. Documentation in this new version can be translated to Japanese, Korean and French.
  3. A built-in code to insert breakpoint without employing much code.
  4. Time functions have gained greater precision with nanosecond resolution because it is possible to lose track of nanoseconds while trying to convert time as measured by CPUs into seconds.
  5. Adding two new keywords to the list are”async” and “await”. Yet, it is still possible to use these as variable names.
  6. More accurate warning of depreciation. Earlier versions of Python often hid th
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Best Blue Prism Training Chennai - SLA

Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai


SLA Jobs is the reputed institute to learn Blue Prism training in Chennai. It is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity to eliminate the tediousness of repetitive tasks and free your workforce to focus on matters that require critical thinking and emotional intelligence. SLA jobs are one of the few institutes in Chennai offering an RPA Blue Prism training course. SLA Jobs has distinguished itself with their excellent team of competent and dedicated professionals with years of experience under their belt They follow a very scientific teaching methodology that focuses on practical training instead of theoretic learning. The syllabus is meticulously framed and features a good amount of industry-relevant case studies and projects and it is regularly updated to keep in touch with the latest developments as well as the dynamic demands of the employers. Along with the training, they offer placement training by a special placement team on com

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Best RPA Training institute in Chennai at SLA

Best RPA Training in Chennai


Softlogic Academy - The best place to learn Robotic Process Automation Training with the tools called Automation Anywhere and Blue prism. If you have a dream to work on with Automation and wish to upgrade skills to RPA SLA is the right choice for you to learn from the experts. Yes, SLA is the well-known training institute in Chennai offering Robotic Process Automation coaching involves Market report likewise cooks the itemized data about the critical viewpoints, for example, drivers and controlling components which will characterize the future development of the market. In the report, RPA Training Market gives an investigation of makers, districts, types, applications, difficulties, openings, and then some.

Learn More about our Training at

Call: +91 86087 00340Website: RPA Training in Chennai | Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai | Blue Prism Training in Chennai

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Python Training in Chennai - Best Programming Language for Data Science

Best Python Training Institute in Chennai


Best Python Training institute in Chennai - Wanna enhance your skills in Python development? SLA is one of the believed training institute offers the best Python Training in Chennai with experienced working professionals. Nowadays Python Programming language is getting very popular in the IT industry to build an application. The Python programming language is used for develop as well as for analytical purpose. And it very eases to use and convenient on e.Python is picking up fame in colleges because of its straightforwardness, so graduates will probably know Python than Java. Past effortlessness, he likewise refers to the wealth of libraries as a key purpose behind this.

Call: +91 86087 00340Website: Python Training in Chennai | Python Course in Chennai

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Best Spring Training in Chennai

Spring is the type of framework is used to control the Java platforms that offer including infrastructure support to build applications using Java. Spring deals with infrastructure, so you can able to focus on design your application.


Spring allows you to develop the application from POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) and to apply venture administrations non-intrusively to POJOs. This ability applies to the Java SE programming model and to full and incomplete Java EE. Java applications a free term that runs the extent from obliged applets to n-level server-side venture applications - normally comprise of items that team up to frame the application legitimately. Therefore the articles in an application have conditions on each other.

If you wish to learn Spring Training in Chennai, SLA is the right path to start learn Spring from the expert. Reach us at +91 8608700340.




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Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Softlogic Academy - With the best learning framework on the planet, we enable experts to take in slanting technologies from the solace of their own place and our Blue Prism Training in Chennai teaches and enable! Might want to take up our Blue Prism course, at that point call us today at +91 8608700340.


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Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Course in Chennai at Softlogic from the trainer who has selenium experience more than 5+ years in IT industry. SLA offers best selenium training in Chennai compared to other training institutes. Our Selenium Training Course content make sure the exact Practical oriented Selenium Training. Softlogic, with the capability of providing hands-on Selenium Testing Training solutions, seats itself as Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai.


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