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The page load time is a metric to remember in mind while whole Website Development process and, specially, it is essential for mobile. As per Google, 70% of web users will be on mobile at 2020.

Everyone wants to keep their business website on the top of the search results through SEO. If SEO is important for you then you should know about ranking factors, Google considers website speed as an important factor in determining rankings. By the “Mobile-first index” faster web page will ranks higher.

Here are useful tips to speed up your website and boost your page load time to keep higher on SERPs and increase visitors. Some important element to understand how we could optimize them on HubSpot.

1. Image Optimization

2. Server Response Time

3. Font Optimization

4. Code Compression

5. Mobile Optimization

6. Use Resource Caching

7. Content Optimization

Optimization HubSpot Web pages

While trying to build you a highly profitable business, the first thing is strategizing on what goes well with the type of the requ

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