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Top EcoAir Dehumidifier You Can Buy in UK at Atlantic Electrics

EcoAir is a manufacturer and supplier of air treatment system such as dehumidifiers, heat pump air conditioning, wall mounted dehumidifier, portable air conditioning and air purifiers for the UK and European market. In this list we’ll cover some of the best models from EcoAir available at

Best Dehumidifier Available in UK

  • EcoAir DC12 
  • EcoAir DD122FW 
  • EcoAir DD128FW 
  • EcoAir DD122 
  • Ecoair DCW10 Wall-Mounted Freestanding Dehumidifier

Features detail or price visit at

Top EcoAir Dehumidifier You Can Buy in UK

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Ecoair AURA Low Energy 16" Black Floor-Standing Fan with Remote Control and Timer

EcoAir Aura is a low energy, high performance fan packed with a multitude of features. Sleep mode provides ample fan speed at constant low noise. Intelligent mode automatically turns on the unit when it detects a temperature above 20°C. You can also select Nature mode to mimic nature's rhythmic breeze. Remote control, wide angle oscillation, on off timer & LED display are packed into this low energy fan, all accessible from the control panel or the remote controller.

Ideal for home and office, this fan is powerful, quiet, it's just not the average fan. Aura fans does not only help to circulate cool indoor air in the summer, it also helps to circulate your heated air during winter too!

Shop from Ecoair air treatment system range online at Atlantic Electrics.

Ecoair AURA Low Energy 16_ Black Floor-Standing Fan with Remote Control and Timer Function

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Flat 9% OFF On EcoAir CRYSTAL 9000Btu Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier

The EcoAir Crystal portable air conditioner is the perfect solution for cooling your rooms within your home during the warm weather. 9000 BTU of cooling power enables it to generally work effectively in a room size between 16 to 26 sq meter. This rate of cooling will also depend on other factors such as the amount of heat generated for eg a conservatory or south facing rooms you will need a higher capacity than a normal room.

Designed to be slick and non intrusive looking, the Crystal Portable Air Condition is compact but packs a punch. Highly efficient, it only consumes 1010 kw/hour. It also comes equipped with a washable mesh filter to improve air quality by reducing unwanted particles such as dust. Regularly cleaning the filter will bring many benefits, including cleaner air and efficiency. 

More Ecoair air treatment system visit online at Atlantic Electrics.


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