Dog Training Collars

The Doges Shock Collars do everything that good dog training collars are supposed to do - check unruly behaviour, train the dogs and importantly, not

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Best Training Collars For Small and Medium Dogs

Doged Collars offer the best Dog shock training collar in the market with great safety as well as quality record. A wide coverage lets you control your dog's behavior from a distance of up to 900 feet.

  • Two-Dog Trainer: This allows you to use one transmitter to control 2 collars at once. This can come in handy if you have two dogs that you are training at the same time.

  • Automatic Power Saving Mode: The collar is set up so that after 4 minutes of being inactive it is powered off. If the collar senses any movement on behalf of the dog, it will go to into Standby Mode. The remote goes into Standby Mode after just 20 seconds of no use, and if it is inactive for 2 minutes it will shut off.
  • Wide Range of Use: The collar has a range of 300 meters, meaning that the transmitter will still work effectively even if you are up to 300 meters away from the receiver.
  • Small Remote & Collar: The remote and collar are both small in size, making it convenient to carry around and suitable for s
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