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The Doges Shock Collars do everything that good dog training collars are supposed to do - check unruly behaviour, train the dogs and importantly, not

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Teaching Basic Dog Obedience Training Steps

The “Come” Command

  1. Put a separate, non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the Receiver Collar, and attach a 10-foot leash.Note: Be sure the extra collar does not put pressure on the Contact Points.
  2. Hold your leash in one hand and the Remote Transmitter in the other.
  3. Wait for your pet to walk away from you. Using the Recognition Level for your pet, press and hold the Stimulation Only Button on your Remote Transmitter.
  4. Immediately give the command “Come” while continuing to hold the Stimulation Only Button.
  5. Using the leash, gently guide your pet toward you until he begins to come in your direction.
  6. Immediately release the Stimulation Only Button as soon as your pet steps towards you, and praise him enthusiastically.
  7. Quickly move backwards as your pet begins to come back to you, praising him the entire time.
  8. Praise your pet when he returns to you.
  9. Repeat Steps 3 through 8.

Note: If your pet breaks the “Sit” command, repeat steps 3 through 6. Keep your pet close to

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