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Top 10 Android Games You like to Play 2017

by coevote - Sep 17, 2017 - android games

Sometime in past pokemon was the one of popular cartoon comes on cartoon network or some places connected to Disney platform . All kids watching pokemon everyday wherever its comes now time are change now pokemon back with the new interesting name pokemon go . Pokemon go Early released last year on 16 July 2016 now it becomes viral between the kids and elders all like to play pokemon go in their spare time . What new in the pokemon go nothing but old things like pokemon raid and pokemon catch in pokeball . Pokemon go have many critics its caused many accidents all over the world due to so much insanity comes under the pokemon go . Pokemon go player become insane to play pokemon raid and pokemon catch using own smartphone . Pokemon Go is location aware games show you can find on ios and android store . The game come with the collaboration of Niantic and Nintendo absolutely with the pokemon company . It’s been more than now a year pokemon go storm not going slowing down all are finding p

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Email Warning Change Your Password Right Now

by coevote - Sep 17, 2017 - emailwarning email

Largest breach of security of user upto 700 million email address leaked online and advice to keep change your password and dont use same password again and again to security . Everytime when you changed your password may be unique with the combination of alphabet , numerals , signs . Strongest password able to safeguard of your email address and also connect with your smartphone to get latest updates and notification directly to your smartphone .

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