US visa denied

While most by a long shot of visa applications are endorsed, U.S. law sets out various measures under which a visa application may be denied.

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B1 B2 visa rejected twice

My company officials once wanted to travel to US to meet their clients. But few B1 visas of clients were rejected under immigration section 214(b), so they again applied for the second time, but it again got denied. What exactly refusal under 214(b) means, well, this can happen when you don’t showcase yourself good infront of the officer. After B1/B2 visa rejected twice, someone told us about US solicitor Caro Kinsella, she is the best person for such issue. She asked for all the documents and assured them that their visa will be accepted. Many other people who faced refusal Visa issues by the officer during the interview, later after taking help and some tricks from Caro, their visa got approved.

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