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International Mountain Day Celebrated by Marwah Studios

Ras Al Khaimah: “Almost one billion people live in mountain areas, and over half the human population depends on mountains for water, food and clean energy. Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation, over exploitation and natural disasters, with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences, both for mountain communities and the rest of the world.,” said Sandeep Marwah Ambassador of International Human Rights Organization affiliated to United Nations and International Bar Association at Hotel Waldorf Astoria at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.Marwah gave the following statistics while talking to the press on International Mountain Day. Mountains cover around 22 percent of the earth’s land surface and are home to 13 percent of the world’s population.They provide sustenance and well being for 915 million people, but also indirectly benefit billions more living downstream.Ninety percent of the world’s mountain dwellers live in developing countries, where a vast majo

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