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NEXT Future Transportation joins Public Finance Thought Leadership Discussion


LOS ANGELES, California, October 3, 2018 - NEXT Future Transportation Inc. (‘NEXT’), the world’s leading modular-electric vehicle company, is pleased to join municipal finance leaders – from public sector issuers to investors, investment bankers, municipal advisors, rating agencies, buyers and bond counsels to discuss the key topics relating to the advancement of autonomous transportation. 

While public opinion polls show continued skepticism about autonomous driving, the conference highlighted the need for the private sector and federal and state regulators to get together to talk about the future. The panel of experts at the conference agreed on the need to have a national conversation on standards and interoperability between the states. The panel also addressed the emergence of transportation network companies (TNCs) as dominant forces that are drastically changing the transportation landscape. Data suggests that TNCs have contributed to increase in congestion and emissions i

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