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‘Brave Crusader’: Order of St. Andrew Collaborates with America’s Notorious Islamophobe

Throughout human history, religion has always gone hand in hand with violence. The martyrs of the first Christians, Crusades, Inquisition, St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre, jihadism – these are just few examples of religious identity becoming a reason for murder. In today’s world, faith is a personal choice so less people suffer from their confession. Anyway, there are always those willing to fill their pockets by breeding hatred.

“The author of eighteen books (including two NYT bestsellers) and hundreds of articles, lecturer, expert and US agencies consultant on jihad and Islamic terrorism. His work has aroused the ire of the foes of freedom and their dupes, he has been invited by name to convert to Islam by a senior member of al-Qaeda and has been banned by the British government from entering the United Kingdom,” that’s what Robert Spencer wrote about himself at, a blog founded by him in 2003. The ‘About’ section also features the remarks of Spencer’s supporters and

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Greek Herald: Supporters of Ukrainian autocephaly think badly of Patriarch Bartholomew

What moral portrait of His Holiness Bartholomew is depicted by those who claim the "transcript" is certainly genuine? Greek Herald managed to get a translation of the commentary written by Orthodox Christian author Sergry Hudiev for

The Greek site leaked a text that is said to be a "transcript" that reflects the content of the negotiations between Patriarchs Kirill and Bartholomew during Kirill's visit to Istanbul on August 31. However this piece can't be called so - it's indeed retold records. And no one knows for sure if its content was edited or completely forged.

Nevertheless, those who cite the text as authentic believe that this is a real leak from the negotiation room. And they are active supporters of the autocephaly. But only few people took part in the talks at the Phanar and the source of the leak must be among these people. That is the leakage (if it did take place) could happen only with the consent of Patriarch Bartholomew.

Contact Inform

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Personalized Medicine Global Market to Reach nearly $200 Billion by 2024.


Industry Experts, Inc. released the updated version of its global market report on Personalized Medicine. The new report entitled "Global Personalized Medicine Market – Types, Technologies and Applications" reveals that the global market for Personalized Medicine is forecast to touch US$102.7 billion in 2018.

Personalized medicine has a huge potential in leading the healthcare industry with drastic changes with a key focus on diseases understanding & management integrated with advanced analytics, patient data, customized medicines and other possibilities. Personalized Medicine will transform the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from early development to companies' go-to-market models, and the next five years will be a crucial window for pharmaceutical companies to capitalize on this promise. Companies simply cannot sit on the sidelines during this period. Instead, they need to take risks and more actively engage with stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem. However, th

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Ukrainian media: Hillary Clinton Reached Deal with Erdogan


Past week Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with the leaders of the Ukrainian community in the United States during his working visit to New York. In particular, at the meeting discussed was the question of the Tomos of Autocephaly (independence) that is to be granted to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, writes Ipukr citing Nezygar, an anonymous Russian Telegram channel which focuses on insider political information.

The President assured the community members that Ukraine would soon get its own independent Church. To be noted is that according to Nezygar, the mediator in the process was the Clinton family. The Clintons urged Turkish President Erdogan to exert pressure on Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Erdogan influenced the decisions of the Ecumenical Patriarchate with the help of his son Bilal, Ipukr claims. This information was allegedly confirmed by a source at the Russian Orthodox Church's Department for External Relations.

Contact Information:





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Powder Metallurgy-A Global Market Overview

Industry Experts, Inc. unveiled the new global market “Powder Metallurgy – A Global Market Overview". As per the new report, Automotive forms the largest, as also the fastest growing, application for Powder Metallurgy, the market for which is slated to compound annually at 6.5% over 2017-2023 in reaching a projected US$7.8 billion by 2023.

Powder Metallurgy is a technique used for processing powdered feedstock that is further used to manufacture various types of components. The parts and components produced using this method find application in a range of areas, such as aerospace, automotive, business machines, electrical & electronics and industrial, among others. These components can include gears, bushes, bearings, sprockets, rotors and magnets. Fast growth in technological advancements in electronic and computer components is one major factor fueling demand for Powder Metallurgy, with the aerospace and automotive industries also making significant contributions.

North America i

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NEXT Future Transportation joins Public Finance Thought Leadership Discussion


LOS ANGELES, California, October 3, 2018 - NEXT Future Transportation Inc. (‘NEXT’), the world’s leading modular-electric vehicle company, is pleased to join municipal finance leaders – from public sector issuers to investors, investment bankers, municipal advisors, rating agencies, buyers and bond counsels to discuss the key topics relating to the advancement of autonomous transportation. 

While public opinion polls show continued skepticism about autonomous driving, the conference highlighted the need for the private sector and federal and state regulators to get together to talk about the future. The panel of experts at the conference agreed on the need to have a national conversation on standards and interoperability between the states. The panel also addressed the emergence of transportation network companies (TNCs) as dominant forces that are drastically changing the transportation landscape. Data suggests that TNCs have contributed to increase in congestion and emissions i

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Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol – A Global Market Overview

Industry Experts, Inc. introduced the global market report on Furfural. The new and an exclusive market research report entitled " Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol – A Global Market Overview " reveals that the Furfuryl alcohol constitutes the largest application segment for furfural and the trend is likely to continue in the future. This is substantiated by the fact that over the 2018-2024 forecast period, demand for furfural in the production of furfuryl alcohol is anticipated to maintain a faster growth than other applications.

Furfural, also widely known as furfuraldehyde or 2-furaldehyde, is a clear, colorless motile liquid with an aromatic odor reminiscent of almonds. Furfural is produced from agricultural waste biomass, such as corn cobs, sugar cane bagasse, rice and oat hulls, and wood chips, which contain pentosans (xylan, arabinan and polyuronids), the complex carbohydrates contained in the cellulose of plant tissues.

Asia-Pacific is the largest furfural consuming region in t

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DJkit Announces First UK Shipments of MWM’s New DVS Essential and DVS Ultimate Controllers

by alexandralora - Sep 27, 2018 - Controllers Dj Phase Djkit

The UK’s leading name in high-end hardware for discerning professionals is proud to announce the imminent launch of two new and hotly anticipated controllers. Unveiled earlier this year, the all-new DVS Essential and DVS Ultimate Controllers are set to touch down at DJkit in just a few weeks’ time.

These incredible devices look set to revolutionise turntablism for discerning DJs and performers worldwide. Once again, DJkit has gained privileged access to the UK’s very first shipment, with deliveries set to commence as of November 28. For full product information or to secure your unit while stocks last, head over to DJkit at the following address:


In both instances, the DVS Essential and DVS Ultimate Controllers have been designed to radically and permanently transform the world of new-generation turntablism. Pioneering technology ensures that even the smallest rotation movements are detected, before being received and processed by the software in real

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Voraus Consulting Moves Pittsburgh SEO Services To New Headquarters


Voraus Consulting, the Pittsburgh based SEO company, has relocated its Bethel Park office to a new office building in McMurray, PA to allow for more expansion and to better serve existing clients. The new office suite is freshly renovated and provides offices and a conference room as they continue to expand.

"We have had faster than anticipated growth, and this has allowed us to move into a new office suite that matches our new projections. This is an exciting time for Voraus Consulting as we continue serving the greater Pittsburgh area and expanding our national reach," says Andrew Zihmer, President of Voraus Consulting.

The new office for Voraus Consulting is located at 3244 Washington Road in McMurray, PA. Within the building, Voraus Consulting is established in Suite 210. The new headquarters for Voraus Consulting are firmly in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, located on the border between Allegheny County and Washington County.

Contact Information :

Voraus Consulting


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'Synaxis of the Ecumenical Patriarchate will largely determine its position in the Orthodox world'

The hierarchs of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople from all over the world convened for a Synaxis (meeting) in Istanbul. The significance of the event is emphasized by the fact that the previous EP bishops' meeting took place three years ago – at the start of the final stage of preparations for the Pan-Orthodox Council in Crete.

Jelena Rakocevic comes up with more details at "It is expected that the forthcoming Synaxis will largely determine the position of Constantinople in the Orthodox world since it will deal with such important issues as the crisis in the Greek American Archdiocese and especially the church situation in Macedonia and Ukraine".

She also reflects on a recent VOA's interview with the chief Ukrainian American Orthodox Metropolitan Anthony Scherba and several think pieces on the matter of Ukrainian autocephaly.

"Poroshenko returned from Istanbul after meetings with the patriarch with a bit of exaggerated enthusiasm," Metropolitan Anthony comme

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