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Solutions to Streaming Live Videos IN Corporate Environment

by abram85 - May 21, 2018

In the millennial driven world of social media, a company's ability to go live with a product or an idea on a live streaming platform can be crucial for the launch. A business will be able to utilise all of the features offered by Freedocast to effortlessly put out high quality content throughout all social media platform simultaneously. The corporate world will never need another streaming platform as Freedocast is the platform of the future for streaming live videos.

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Know The Live Streaming Device Best for your Company

The use of the best and more powerful video streaming devices like the Freedocast Pro gives broadcasters the right to live stream on multiple platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter/Periscope Live and any other RTMP supported platform with a single click. Freedocast Pro is a live streaming device and a broadcasting solution that enables video streamers to broadcast live instantly anytime and anywhere.

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Know the Fun and Cool Live Streaming Ideas

Provide your audience something cool and different, so you need to come up with unique live streaming ideas and make it all possible to be entertaining and interesting.

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Pros and Cons of Facebook Live Streaming

Live streaming on Facebook  is fun and interesting . Well technically, going “Live” means that you would be streamed to your friends, family and followers and interact with them in real time as you can see their comments and reactions.

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Benefits of Live Streaming a Destination Wedding

The Freedocast device gives users to get connected to a high-resolution camera and a microphone to achieve the quality live streams the input feed online to any corner of the world with a simple tap. The device streams the live video to personal RTMP URLs which can be shared with your loved ones, giving them the access to the live streaming of your destination wedding.

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Hero Nidahas Trophy T20I Live Streaming - Live Cricket Tournament on YuppTV

Hero Nidahas Trophy 2018 is a tournament being organized in celebration of the 70th year of Sri Lankan Independence. Consisting of 6 T20 matches and a final match, Nidahas Trophy is between India, Bangladesh, and the hosting country Sri Lanka. All the matches of the tournament are being played in the R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo. The matches are exclusively available online around the world through live streaming on YuppTV. 




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Live Stream Your Workout Session For The Decisive Result

Watching a soccer match live is on any given day the better thing to choose rather than watching the same, a good 3–4 hours later. What is it about the term “LIVE” that really captivates the audience across? For one, it makes you feel that you are in the thick of things as they happen right across the moment and secondly, it is a euphoria of being part of something that is occurring as we speak. Slowly, businesses and everyday consumers started realizing this and trust us, live streaming is the current fad among the people- The latest being live broadcasting workout sessions to multiple platforms like Twitter/ Periscope live streamingYoutube live streaming, Facebook live etc. As the name suggests, it involves streaming across your workout model, tips or the way to do a specific work out to the global audience live. Let us look a bit in depth about how live streaming lends a helping hand to the work out sessions.

To start with, live broadcasting or live streaming nurtures your audien

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Live Broadcasting Stage Shows

Stage shows can comprise of a variety of things ranging from dancing to singing to even comedy shows. How much ever we would like to watch a stage show at the location where it is happening, more often than not, the limited seating capacity and price of the tickets to these shows act as a deterrent. However, if you can live stream stage shows, not only do you attract more people to watch the stage shows, the artists performing these shows also get more exposure. Live streaming stage shows is one of the best ways that artists can increase their fan following.

One of the best and most reliable ways to live broadcast a stage show is by using the Freedocast device. At any stage show, there is always a camera that records the show for viewing at a later point in time. The 1st step is to connect your camera to the Freedocast live broadcasting device. Then you have to connect to the device using Freedocast app and choose the platforms you want to broadcast on and press the Go Live button. Th

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Profitable Live Streaming Ideas that can Make You a Star

There are many articles in our blog that emphasized the various benefits of live broadcasting. Since the sector is an ocean of benefits, covering them all one by one will make it close to impossible. We will still keep trying to explain the various benefits in detail but, in the meanwhile, this article will let you know all the inexplicable live streaming ideas briefly.

live streaming ideas

Check out some of the most interesting Live Streaming Ideas
  • Cooking
  • Dance classes
  • News Delivery
  • Workouts
  • Makeup and Hair Tutorials
  • Movie/ Book Reviews
  • Repairs and Services 



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