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Steps to Broadcast Live On Periscope Using Freedocast

Broadcasting live on Periscope is very simple, but how easy is it to broadcast live to Periscope using Freedocast. Infact, it’s super simple, here are steps to go live on Periscope.

Step 1: Get a Professional Video Camera

The very first equipment for live streaming your videos always remains video source (a professional video camera or a smart phone)

Step 2: Device and Freedocast App Connection

After setting up the video, connect to the app. If you are using a live streaming device then fix it over the video source, and connect to the app.

Step 3: Select the Event

From the list of Freedocast events, select the event that you are going to stream live, else create one.

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Step 4: Pick the Platform

Next step is to pick the social media platform (here it is Periscope), where you want to you’re your broadcast. In the settings option in Freedocast click on “go live with periscope”.

Step 5: Authorize and Go Live


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Stream your Makeup Tutorial Live and Keep Your Audience Glued to Your Live Stream

There are many makeup lovers out there, and streaming your makeup tutorials live is the best way to keep them glued to your live broadcast.

makeup - live

 Though “makeup” has impressed everyone in such a way that even they want to try the same, many are unable to do it perfectly as it could be their first time (newbie) or the products they are using and the way they are doing makeup are not going together.

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Live streaming makeup tutorials not only helps viewers, but it also helps the makeup artist to reach a huge audience, and gain popularity. Your live video content can also be streamed to multiple social media platforms (apart from your personal websites) at a time. And this helps your video reach many people. The available social media platforms for live streaming include Periscope, Youtube, Facebook live and Twitter.


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Do live streaming How-To Videos benefit broadcasters?

As live streaming is playing a crucial role in social media, utilizing it for talent exposure is not a big issue. People are always interested in knowing how something is done, like, weaving, crafts, painting, or any art. If you are a master at doing the same, then go live, stream your HOW-TO videos live to the people on the internet.



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Live Stream your arts and crafts

We all know what role live streaming is playing in social media today. What more than putting this in mind and utilizing it could be. Social media is full of ‘how to’, ‘life hacks’, ‘tips and tricks’, if you are good at any of these, then you could be in the benefit zone. Announce what you are going to live stream, like arts, crafts, how-to’s etc., and start going live.



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Cool and Fun Live Streaming Ideas Part II

Here is the continuation; to make your audience glued to your live content check these 20 more fun live video broadcasting ideas below.

Cool and Fun Live Streaming Ideas - I

11. Tell a secret 12. Raise donations or funds 13. Your daily routines 15. Speech at an Event 16. Live broadcast an interview


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Cool and Fun Live Streaming Ideas

While live streaming if you produce boring content, you will definitely lose or have a fewer audience. You must think of captivating live streaming ideas to sell. So what are some of the cool and fun live streaming ideas you can think of? Here is a list of some.

Cool and Fun Live Streaming Ideas - I (1)

1. Cooking Demonstration

2. Live Stream Arts

3. Karaoke

4. Workout

5. Dance Routine


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Best Live Video Streaming Platforms

There are many video streaming platforms out there that lets broadcasters stream their live content. Among them, Freedocast is one of the best live video streaming platform that allows users to broadcast their live content with no issues, no interruptions and with the best platform plans. The platform plans are very cost effective with great features like adaptive bitrate streaming, geo blocking, analytics for tracking, RTMP encoder setup, branding (adding your own logo on your video stream), etc.

Live Streaming Sites (1)

You can check the platform and device.



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Why Freedocast Pro is the best live streaming device

Live Streaming is now a simple task for social media lovers, but broadcasting live video streams in HD quality to multiple platforms is not a cakewalk. Freedocast, the live streaming platform has come up with a pro device which lets users broadcast their live content with HD quality to multiple social media platforms like Periscope, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & personal websites simultaneously.

Live Streaming Sites (3)

Connecting to the device is also very simple, just fix the live streaming device on top of the video source and follow the steps.


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Live Streaming Devices and its Benefits

Are you streaming your memories or events live to your audience? Then having the video in a better quality would get you more views and helps in increasing your fan base. There is this device called Freedocast Pro, which lets you stream your live video broadcasts in HD quality to multiple social media platforms at a time.

live streaming image

  • HD quality streaming
  • You can also put a password to your videos for a protected live streaming, in this case you have to share the password to the people whom you want to watch that live stream.
  • Battery back up
  • Very useful for larger events (for quality and coverage)

Check the device


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This Christmas Spread the Message Across the World Through Live Streaming

Live streaming worship sermons as we discussed earlier, help the people that are unable to attend the sermon to participate in it virtually. What many of the people fail to take into consideration is that, at the time of the biggest festival around the world, the number of people looking at the screens for a special sermon from various churches will be high.


Live streaming church sermons is a laborious task and it is absolutely vital that it is handled well.


Points to be considered for a successful stream:

  • When you live stream through Freedocast you can get all that ease to complete that task. 
  • Selecting social media platforms is another crucial step to get the reach.
  • Video and Audio: Usage of a microphone is a prerequisite for the audio clarity which makes up for half the stream in the video.
  • Advertise: If the plan is in advance advertising the event gains a set audience among the congregation as well the general audience from other parts of the world.
  • Back up: Having ba
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