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When do you know its time to sell your bitcoin ?

posted by Nadeemktk on Apr 16, 2018 under News & Forums

First, an individual need to read some latest Bitcoin news and ask the crypto experts and look at the trend it goes, so the one can predict the price.

Well, it depends on what are you seeking for...and, of course, on your own needs.If you have Bitcoins as an investment, then the wisest move is to hold 'till it gives you a great profit. It depends, also, on when did you buy them and at what price. For instance, you bought your bitcoin last week at a $6000 price, now it is at $8000, so you have already some profit, but (from my point of view) that's not enough. If you need cash, there is no option but selling, but, if not, I would hodl them as long as I can, for I see bitcoin as a long-term investment.To me. BItcoin is the future. So I try to hold few in order to always have some bitcoin in my pocket. Who knows what price is going to achieve? Maybe it rises again 'till $20,000 by another bubble.But, of course, it just depends on your current situation. If you need the cash, any profit is welcomed. But, if you have invested some expendable cash and bought bitcoin, you can wait and see what happens.Also, it depends on what are your movements. Are you a trader? or love to trade, then you will buy/sell anytime you have some profits. On the contrary, you just have some btc to see what happens? well then it can be a nice way of saving money...

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