Cryptocurrency development services

Market your ICO with just 6 BTC

by Juliemitts - Aug 29, 2018

content_pexels-photo-730567 (1)Are you looking for a company to carry out your ICO  marketing services? Search no further. We, at Blockchain App Factory, offer unparalleled services throughout the entire ICO process until the end of your coin launch.  

we offer exceptional services such as:

  • Development
  • SEO
  • ICO insights
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • ICO PR
  • Community building
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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

by Juliemitts - Aug 28, 2018

bitcoin-wallet-appCryptocurrency Wallet Development Team at Blockchain App Factory will have the following features :

  1. Multicurrency Wallet
  2. Multi-signature Custodial Wallet
  3. Secured by Blockchain
  4. Address Encrypted with Elliptic Curve Cryptography


The cryptocurrency wallet development is critical to all aspects in the crypto-sphere to store, trade or purchase utilities. You can create a cryptocurrency wallet for security tokens, utility coins or equity tokens.

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Now launch your ICO within 2 weeks

by Juliemitts - Aug 27, 2018

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Are you someone who is owning a cryptocurrency and anxiously waiting for a company to launch your ICO? Wait no further; worry no further. We, at Blockchain App Factory, help you in marketing your ICO successfully with our advanced SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Our skilled professionals in the field support you in each stage of your ICO marketing with our best possible digital marketing solutions to help you in achieving the topmost level in the crypto market.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. Our ICO marketing agency experts guide you by providing the advanced solutions. Our ICO marketing agency is well-known for its proven strategies which help you in achieving your goals. Get in touch with us for a successful ICO launch and get everything done within just two weeks.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

by Juliemitts - Aug 24, 2018


We all are aware that, the digital storm that shook the business world in recent days is undoubtedly Cryptocurrency and it is not an economic jargon anymore. Presently, many are investing in the digital currency and few are interested in creating a cryptocurrency of their own.

Cryptocurrency wallet development is now made easy with Blockchain App Factory. Get in touch with us for developing your wallet successfully.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

by Juliemitts - Aug 23, 2018

exchange 1Are you someone who is looking forward to integrating your cryptocurrency into the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development? We are here; we will offer a complete, ready-made white-labelled exchange platform for you. Start your exchange with us.

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Excellent exchange for your e-cash

exchange 1Cryptocurrency exchange plays a vital role in the development of a cryptocurrency as it acts as a digital marketplace for carrying out all the crypto transactions. Much attention is needed in developing a perfect exchange. If you are someone who is looking for a company to build a cryptocurrency exchange development, then the right choice for you is Blockchain App factory.

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ICO Marketing

by Juliemitts - Aug 21, 2018

The-Top-7-Cryptocurrency-Exchange-Sites-in-the-World-678x381Is ICO marketing in your mind lately? Your search ends right here. Our team of experts in the Blockchain App factory delivers the best results in the shortest time possible. Call us now to know about all the services we offer.


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white label cryptocurrency exchange

by Juliemitts - Aug 20, 2018

Cryptocurrency-780x405Blockchain App Factory is providing a white label cryptocurrency exchange system. Built with high security and reliability, the company facilitates easy and fast transactions.

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Smart Contract Development

11765Customized smart contract development from Blockchain App Factory for you. Our skilled set of developers offers adept solutions for the design and development of your smart contract. Visit our website for more info!

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

bitcoin-blogScalable and personalized cryptocurrency exchange platform development from the highly-skilled blockchain experts. We help you build a secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform. Visit our website and view the demo now!

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