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Where to Go: Mexico or Costa Rica?

Where to Go: Mexico or Costa Rica? Where to Go: Mexico or Costa Rica?

Mexico or Costa Rica? Which makes for a better honeymoon/vacation spot?

Perplexing question, ha?

Mexico is practically next door. You can even drive down there. Costa Rica is miles away. You’re not even sure where.

Sounds like exotica. But all you’ve got is a fuzzy picture.

So “Mehi-co” is a better choice, right?


Forget the question.

Just dial back to your own needs and wants.

Are nature, action, adventure, and a whole spectrum of new sensory experiences on your mind?

Then the answer is Costa Rica.

Is safety a top priority?

The answer is Costa Rica.

Beaches? Surfing? Rafting? Fishing?

Costa Rica.

Wildlife? Toucans? Crocs? Sloths? Monkeys?

Costa Rica.

Nightlife, parties, casinos?

Costa Rica.

You get the drift!

Not that we don’t like Mexico. (Who doesn’t?)

That place should be on your bucket list if it isn’t already. But when you give up Costa Rica for Mexico, you aren’t setting your bar very high, if we may say so.

Safety Then Beauty

When w

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7 Best Costa Rica Vacation Rentals & Villas in Jaco

There are a million reasons to add Costa Rica to your travel bucket list. Once you visit, a trillion more to explore it again. The abundant natural beauty, mystic rain forests, tempting beaches, and volcanos show nature in its purest form. This tropical climate and ecotourism should definitely have a luxurious beachfront stay as well. Be it a long term visit, or a week or two, your vacation villa or resort plays an integral part of your holiday. If Costa Rica is your next vacation destination, here are a handful suggestions that you should dare not to miss:

  • Make sure your vacation rental is beachfront. Who doesn’t like a good tan at these exotic beaches?
  • Just imagine if it comes in close proximity to lush green rain forests. Make it true!
  • Choose one with easy access to places to visit and things to do in your itinerary, else you will spend hours figuring out routes.

If you are in Costa Rica for a bachelor party, Jaco is your best bet. You will not miss any of the above. The mos

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6 Reasons to Take an Off-Season Vacation in Costa Rica

The dry season is over in Costa Rica and the wet season is on. If that sounds like gobbledygook, well, the off-season is in and the high season is out. Off-season in Costa Rica runs from May to mid-December – a period officially known as the green season – when Costa Rica gets lots of precipitation and fewer tourists. A lot of people wonder if this is the best time to visit Costa Rica. For those of you who are yet to embrace the idea of an off-season Costa Rica vacation, here are six reasons to change your mind:

1. There is no mad holiday rush: If places teeming with tourists is a big no-no for you, the off-season is the best time to be in Costa Rica. Between May to October, as the rain gathers force, the flow of tourists dries to a trickle, relieving the congestion in its famous hotspots.

2. Rentals are not overpriced or heavily booked: While it’s near impossible to get a decent condo or private villa without reservations in December, during off-season, there is no such fuss. This i

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Is Costa Rica Safe? Here’s Our Answer.

No political unrest. No terrorist activity. No kidnapping. No standing army. You might think that’s pretty cool for a country in these times of sporadic unrest across the world. Either the news is not out there or popular media has sent the wrong signals with their portrayals of drug cartels, people are clueless about the safety aspect. Hence these queries to Google:

google search

If you’re a first-timer, you’d want to know what you are getting yourself into. Or you’d want to know if things have changed since you last visited. That’s what sensible travelers do.

“Is Costa Rica safe?” YES! Costa Rica is ranked Level One by the US Department of State.

Some Axioms to Remember and Tips to Stay Safe

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you’d know that the discussion below applies to anywhere in the world. You could have a vacation in Costa Rica without a single unpleasant incident. At the same time, you should not be blindsided by actions that you could have averted in the first place.

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Top 5 Fishing Tour Planners in Costa Rica

Jackpot Sport Fishing

Whether you are a hardcore Fisherman looking for the ultimate multi-day Fishing adventure, or a family looking for a days fishing, Jackpot has something suitable for everyone. Practicing all primary fishing techniques such as Trolling, Jigging,  Live-Baiting, Jackpot lets you fish offshore for Blue Marlin & others.


Jaco Royale

Jaco Royale’s custom tours give a touch of royalty to sportfishing in Costa Rica with their premium services, and personalized care. Partnering with Costa Rica Dreams Sportfishing providing air-conditioned cabins, carpeted salons, the tours aboard these charters border on the regal. With the best captains and first mates to lead your tour, Jaco Royale turns your Costa Rica fishing tour into a reality. Here’s an amazing

target="_blank">fishing experience Jaco Royale curated for one of their customers!

costa rica fishing jaco royale

Go Fish Costa Rica

Go Fish Costa Rica prides itself on the providing anglers with the resources necessary to book the ultimate trip.

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7 Must-See Places in Costa Rica

Don’t be fooled by Costa Rica’s diminutive size – It is chockablock with places and activities you just wouldn’t want to miss. Picking seven favorites from the pile is tough. But covering every spot during your vacation – that’s tougher. A whistle-stop tour is in nobody’s interests anyways. Our pursuit of vacation happiness is better served when we don’t jam-pack our itineraries but focus on a few things that really matter to us. With this agenda in mind, we’ve shortlisted 7 must-see places in Costa Rica. The vignettes we present here are assembled in no particular order; they are, however, a nod to Costa Rica’s diverse topography. We’ve steered clear of the Caribbean coast, because it’s so different from the Central and South Pacific, that it merits a post of its own. The things you can do in each place are hinted at the end of each section.

1. Jaco Beach Jaco_Beach_Costa_RicaA four-kilometer beach strip, Jaco is where most of the beach life in Costa Rica is concentrated. High-rise condos and charming vi

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Where to Go This Spring Break? Try Costa Rica.

Spring Break 2018 — the time you’ve been waiting for since Christmas is on its way at last! In a matter of days, the best deals will dry up and the airfares will go through the roof. There’s no more time to lose.

First things first: where will you go? If you are tired of the done-to-death destinations and want to have a crack at something new for Spring Break 2018, then look up Costa Rica. This little Central American paradise is where many spring breakers who seek a difference are making a beeline for. But since you are short of time, let us do it for you.

6 Reasons To Celebrate Spring Break in Costa Rica

1. It’s as green as can be.

The first thing that strikes you about Costa Rica is the lush greenery — a sight for sore eyes. 


 2. You get the ultimate beach vacation.

If your friends aren’t already green with envy at your Insta pictures with Costa Rica’s misty cloud forests or the Capuchins, they will go practically wild at your beach shots.


3. The vacation rentals are

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Amazing Spring Break Vacation in Costa Rica with Jaco Royale

The best Spring Break destination, Costa Rica has everything you’d love to experience and it’s just four hours away by flight from the US. From sun-kissed beaches to verdant forests, surfing lessons to nature tours, an array of exciting choices await you in Costa Rica.


To make the most fabulous Spring Break vacation in Costa Rica come true for you, we have put together an all-inclusive Spring Break vacation package. We have you fully covered from the moment you touch down at the airport, starting from the comfortable airport transfer by a private chauffeur. Live like royalty at one of Costa Rica’s most stunning vacation rentals with spectacular beach or mountain views and dig into delicious dishes created by our talented chefs

Enjoy glimpses from a fabulous

Break vacation in Costa Rica

Pick your choice of adventures and tours and we’ll customize them for you so you can make the most of your Spring Break vacation in Costa Rica.




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Throw an Awesome Bachelor Party in Costa Rica!

Bachelor parties are the best part of a man’s life and, for buddies, the best opportunity to see your friend sign off singledom and celebrate with all the fanfare! If you have made up your mind for having an epic party then make sure you reach Jaco Beach, Costa Rica! Jaco is the most attractive beach town best known for its surfing and lovely women. 

DSC07072-minFor a knock-out bachelor/ette party with drinks, dancers, and DJ music and even a private pool in an exclusive beachfront condo or villa, you can choose Jaco Royale, the best Costa Rica Bachelor Party, and vacation planners. 

bachelor party mix

The vacation services offered covers all-nighter parties and adrenaline-pumping adventures to stress-buster massages. Jaco Royale helps you plan your Costa Rica vacation in a way for you to enjoy exotic wildlife as well as have adventure sports activities in the daytime and when the sun sets, all of the intensity from the outdoor sports is shifted to the bars and clubs, your party will be going in full gear while

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