Pilot Training at HM Aviation

Pilot Training school in India

Life of a commercial pilot - HM Aviation

HM Aviation offer the sense of freedom a pilot does. Very few careers offer so many opportunities to see the world like a pilot

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How To Get Commercial Pilot License, Course , Training - HM Aviation

HM Aviation is India’s leading flight training school driven by highly experienced industry professionals.Their association with the best flight training schools in the world ensures students become a successful pilot


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Best Pilot Training in India - Journey to become a pilot

The recent growth in Asia's aviation industry has created a huge demand for pilots, and all aviation personnel. There are many flight schools in India in which to train, but selecting the right flight school is one of the most important decisions one will ever make.

In response to the demand for qualified aviation personnel, HM Aviation has developed a pilot training program which goes beyond the requirements of the industry.

The student take part a few interviews to see where they're at. This ensures the student has a good knowledge of the industry, and of the flight training program on which they are about to enter.

The student enters ground school to study subjects such as: theory of flight, meteorology, human factors, and air law. They will be well prepared for the ground school in their host country.

Best Pilot Training in India


The student will then train in Canada, the United States, South Africa, or New Zealand. These countries have the most advanced flight training syllabus available. The student

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