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Prepare Yourself To Be Able Quit Smoking For Good By Taking Generic Zyban



It may bring in some serious problems, so it's better to know everything about it before taking the dosage. Patients may show major depressive disorder, and they should be paid more attention while taking this pill. Because the use of generic Bupropion is associated with a dose-dependent risk of seizures, clinicians should not prescribe Generic Zyban doses over 300 mg/day for smoking cessation.


Generic Zyban is the nicotine antagonist that decrease the urge to smoke and decrease nicotine cravings. This pill used in combination with the motivational support techniques help to quit smoking in less duration. Generic Bupropion makes the smoking cessation possible in those people who have failed to quit smoking by other methods. 


The prescription dosage of Generic Zyban is 150 mg 2 times in a day. This dose is recommended during the initial days. The dosage is increased 2 doses of 150 mg in a day after a week if no side effects are observed. 


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